Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

gnat writes and writes. and writes. and procrastinates by blogging, and writes some more.

papers have been signed, and come june 7 our apartment will belong to somebody else.

short of maneuvering the logistics of subletting, i have done essentially nothing but thesis, thesis, thesis since my last post. i was on a productivity roll until this morning, at which point i hit a huge wall - i've done almost no work in the three hours i've been awake. what i HAVE done is start a google calendar called "last month in chicago" and plunk activities i still have somehow not managed into arbitrarily chosen dates. 

it feels like summer in chicago today (i haven't been outside yet, but my windows are all open so i can tell), and summer in chicago is an amazing feeling. 

t-26 days. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

gnat faces her impending move

i spent the morning putting up the craigslist ad, responding to requests to show the apartment, packing up the things i won't need over the next few weeks, and creating a list of things i need to pawn off on somebody before i leave. the list is more than a little haphazard, and putting it together reminded me of the first entry i ever posted on this blog as i prepared to leave los angeles:

things gnat needs to work up the nerve to throw away today:
- "bison" colored can of paint. ("bison" is a nicer description, it seems, for the color of crap. it's a can of crap colored paint.)
- four sets of banged up but still functional plastic drawers.
- 17284392925 plastic hangers. can i donate these? sell them back to target?
- a pirate flag. yep, a pirate flag.
- pennies. a billion pennies. wtf, pennies. i can't even use you to do my laundry. you suck.

it's funny, i find myself again needing to get rid of 17284392925 plastic hangers and approximately a billion pennies. seriously, pennies. wtf.

i came here two years ago with two suitcases and nothing else, how in the name of all the plastic hangers in all the gin joints in all the world did i amass so much stuff? if you or anyone you know in the greater chicago area can find any use for an easel, a robin hood costume (complete with bow and arrows and teddy bear little john), or the aforementioned hangers please let me know.

i'm already experiencing separation anxiety.