Wednesday, August 31, 2011

gnat bids cheex adieu with bbq

this weekend i said goodbye to a very dear friend. i've known for months that cheex was moving to ireland for medical school, but it didn't feel real until the day finally came for him to actually leave. he had a six hour layover at o'hare on sunday, so i was lucky enough to spend his last afternoon in the states with him. because one of the many things cheex and i have in common is our desperate love of food it seemed fitting that we take him to his last american meal:

yep. barbecue.

i've been meaning to go to smoque since i saw it on diners, drive-ins, and dives last year, and since it is conveniently located right off the blue line this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

barbecue is always something of a troubling experience for me. in my mind brisket and pulled pork exist in a violent struggle for the place of favorite barbecue item, and no matter which i order or how delicious it is i always find myself longing for the other. smoque went ahead and took care of that problem for me.

that, friends, is a half-and-half sandwich. so simple, and yet so brilliant. be still my heart. (not actually, though... i promise to eat more vegetables?)

cheex made it safely to the other side of the pond. i'm sad that he's gone, but also so excited for him as he begins his new adventure!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

gnat enjoys free summer music

this morning i realized i hadn't yet posted about what is probably my favorite chicago summertime activity - evening concerts in millenium park.

regular attendees include cara,



and sean,

with occasional guest appearances by aleck

and andrew

among others.

about once a week cara and i load up bags of snacks, wine, and blankets and head down to millenium park, where we all play card games and listen to free music all evening.

this summer we've heard everything from rachmaninoff to egyptian music to iron & wine, all from this patch of grass.

in other news, all of my pictures are going to be in hipstamatic for a while, both because i'm basically obsessed with it and because carmine II is in the hands of the geek squad after sustaining a fall. (yes, again. shut up.)